Mari-Clean – Maritime machines of equally high quality

Mari-Clean is a specialized sister brand of Clena, where we focus on building professional high pressure cleaners for maritime use. We have a close cooperation with SevenSeas, one of the largest global service companies and suppliers in the shipping industry. Mari-Clean is exclusively sold through SevenSeas’ subdivision: Stromme Cleaning Solution – specializing in maritime cleaning solutions.

Our high-pressure cleaners are recognized in the maritime industry to be amongst the most cost effective tools for both cleaning and maintenance on ships. They are ideal for everything from daily cleaning tasks to effective removal of old paint and rust in the ballast tank and cargo compartment, etc.

The machines are purchasable with a variety of different accessories, such as rotary nozzles, pipe cleaning nozzles, chemical injectors and sand injectors.

Available in several different models:

  • Maritime design
  • Water pressure from 200 to 1200 bar
  • Cold or hot water
  • Portable or stationary
  • Large wheels with brakes (transportable)
  • Easy maintenance
  • User-friendly design

Contact SevenSeas if you are interested in knowing more about the different Mari-Clean High Pressure Cleaners: