High pressure to all industries

We produce everything from simple and mobile high pressure cleaners to large customized industry models that can deliver a pressure of up to 2500 bar or 200 liters per minute.

Clena has more than 40 years of experience in the high-pressure industry. We are currently supplying machines to loyal business clients throughout Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia. Some of the largest European pig producers use our machines around the clock without any problems. This underscores our mission: “To set the standard for the industry’s most functional and reliable high pressure systems”.

Our machines are exclusively based on quality components. The core element of our products are the industry’s top pumps from Italian HAWK, all with ceramic pistons, stainless steel valves, and brass cylinder heads. Our skilled employees design, build, and test all of our machines in our spatial production rooms here in Tistrup, Denmark, between the North Sea and Billund.

We have a large range of standardized machines that are mainly used in agriculture and industrial industries. However, our experienced engineers are always available if you need a specially designed high pressure system. We often say that our motto is: “We produce workhorses – instead of models” because functionality and reliability is our top priority.

Our high pressure systems are e.g. daily used on the world’s largest cruise ship, delivered through our maritime brand, Mari Clean. We are supplying a wide variety of industries including agriculture, food suppliers, building sites, and iron/metal productions – In other words; Wherever there is a need for a powerful and reliable high pressure cleaner.

If your company is interested in a new, powerful, and reliable high pressure system? – Contact us first.